About us - the Business

What We Do Dept


Well we are "Sound Through and Through" – we live it and Breathe it.


We create it from scratch from everything from Foley, original Sound design, Score, Radio Imaging and Album production.

My wife is always reminding me that i think more about sound design than i do about anything else.


We’ve got the drive to do great things – I think sometimes you just need a chance to show the world what you can do !


Were currently doing Feature / Short film productions, Score, Sound Design and the entire mix – This is where my passions truly live.

For Film we create everything really, original Score, sound design, 5.1 to 7.1 dolby mix, All out put formats, Adr, Foley.


I have one of the largest SFX libraries around and I have been collecting SFX since around age 15 ( and no im not compensating for anything)

But I love to create new fresh sfx and Foley – makes my job FUN !


For Radio one of our major clients is “The Australian Traffic network” in which my crew produce around 100 – 200 radio commercials per day on every radio station in Australia.


Im also a voice artist and I voice most of these 100 – 200 radio spots. Check out the demo on the demo page.


From Day one I was always a musician and started writing music around age 8. I haven’t stopped and still to this day write albums, scores, soundtracks, jingles with my crew - " my mates who i get to join me "– Karl Lewis, Clint Quan and who ever else wants to join in.

We recently did the score and soundtrack for the Beautiful US Indi “ The Putt Putt Syndrome” directed by Allen Cognata and produced by Rene Veilleux and Don Roman Lopez.

Were working on a number of other cool projects right now but they made me sign some stuff and "I'm not allowed to brag about it"


Anyway come join us on a passionate ride through music, sound design, foley, sfx, the voice and all the things that we love so much in Sound !!


Cheers Craig Jansson