John Servedio


John Servedio

Aka "Baklava Boy"

John is my assistant and he's a great friend to have around (you owe me money john)
Anything we need done - Johns there to help and do it great !

John's a young fella and he joined us cause i could see he had the exact same passion i had when i wouldnt leave TTTFM in my younger years. He's all about the same standards that i am ... he loves Sound Design and Score. He writes his own music all day even to the point we have to get him to do the stuff he's actually paid for ( LOL)

Johns young and has a massive career ahead of him ...... were guiding him all the way and he's coming along for the ride with us !

He was Born: 09/02/1991 ( ohhh So Young)
Was very musical as a child and would play drums with his little drumsticks on almost anything, Fridge, coffee table, windows etc…
He started guitar lessons at the age of 6.

He's a little rock star and Is currently in a few bands, which either he plays the guitar, sings or does both!

ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited)
Completed his first Grade 1 exam in Modern guitar Practical and theory in at the age of seven. (1999)
Completed Grade 2 in Modern guitar practical and theory at the age of eight. (2000)
Completed Grade 3 in Modern guitar practical and theory at the age of ten. (2002)
Completed Grade 4 in Modern guitar practical and theory at the age of 12. (2004)
Completed Grade 5 in Modern guitar practical and theory at the age of fourteen. (2005)
Completed Grade 6 in Modern guitar practical and theory at the age of sixteen. (2007)
Is now undergoing Grade 7 (2009) and will continue until Grade 8!
Received an Encouragement award in 2007 for his work and effort in his Grade 5 exam.


Completed certificate 1 and 2 in Vet Music Australia.


Fusion – is a 4 piece band that does some Cover + original work.
Played Gigs at the Maribyrnong hotel, St Paul’s Social event, St beneards Workshop (2007)
Sadly the life on the road took its toll and they "Broke up due to musical differences in early 2007" ( VH1 are doing a behind the music now)

Mel (Music Equals Life) – is a 4 piece band that does all original work.
Won Emergenza Music Festival Corner Hotel, gig at The Esplanade, Spencer’s live, HiFi bar, Inflation, Water Loo Hotel and The barley Corn.
Other Acts he's Playing in are JNM, 2 piece band, cover + original work
He's got this "Strange" Rnb, soul influence but im dragging him into the dark side of ROCK !
John produces, records and writes all of his own music.
John started working with me casual at the studios in late 2008.

I was lucky to have him Take on a Full time position in 2009 and is currently learning to become a Sound Designer / Engineer!

And has never left......................