Hey welcome to my "Demo Dept".


This kinda show’s you what weve done and where we are at.

Every project is different and unique – I love that about media and I tackle each job very passionately and differently.


There's Feature Film, Tv, Shorts, Radio and Even my own Album.

Sound Design, Socre, Jingles, Radio Imaging, Voice Overs.........loads and its updated all the time kids.



Check it all out.

Show reel



Hey Welcome to my show reel !! this work has heaps of stuff from myself, Matt Bauer, Clint, John and Karl in it.

Its coming soon cause weve been to busy working on actual projects to finish it ... he he he

Stand By

Craig !




Films - Sound Design And Score Composition



Welcome to my Passion ... Feature Films !

This is a small snippet of our work on feature's, Shorts and any other cool assed movie sound design and Score work !!

Everything we do here is Sound Design and we ONLY us our Score on all of our projects !!


There's So Much more that i would love to upload but we cant - Confidentially !!


(but stand by ...... he he he )

So i hope you enjoy our work and feel our passion, we love it and its all we live for.





Sound Design


Here's Some of my Mov's - Some Games, Some Films,

Some TVC Commercials, Even an "Actual Attraction" at Disney Land In California.

Click on the "Read More" to see the full list !!

Enjoy - Cheers Craig !




Radio Imaging Audio


Hi and welcome to our Radio and Imaging Page ...... the vision ( when it finally gets uploaded )

Its taken from my 20 years of doing commercial radio including some work from Foxfm, The MMM network, Cidadel, Clearchannel and our OWN radio station we created in LA called GSN radio ..

So when i finally get around to it .... ( were working on other projects and just havent had a sec .. he he he ) I Hope You Enjoy !

Cheers Craig