My Radio Production


I have been lucky to have worked in Commercial FM / Am radio from a very young age.

I was taken in by Adrian Johnston and Peter Mcphie – not because I was good but because I wouldn’t leave.
I turned up at my first radio station wanting to be a Sound Designer so bad that I wouldnt leave. Peter used to just lock me in at 10pm and say ” See Ya at 8am tomorrow”

I loved radio production right away and saw it as a way to film, tv and other media.
“Anything That Would Allow Me To Sound Design”.

I have had a long and fruitful career in radio, even till this day!

Producing imaging and Sound Design for some of the greatest stations in the world from Citadel, Clear Channel in the US to the Austereo Network, ARN, Macquarie in Australia – you name it and I’ve done something for them.

I moved over to Fox FM from my stations in Tassie in 1994 to take care of the commercial Production and then onto The Breakfast Shows, The Hot 30 Countdown and Network Station Imaging.

I was the winner of “Best Music Special” for the 1999 Rewards which is the highest Sound Design Radio Award in Australasia.
I also took home ” Best Station Produced Commercial” that year.

As well as some “Golden Stylus ” Awards for the advertising industry.

Kinda proud of my stuff, my sound as its different.

Loads of imitators over the years but i still do it the best !!

We even launched our own station in the US in 2008 called GSN Radio, which is a joint venture between Imagination (my crew) Liberty Media and the Game Show Network.

The concept is basic, Imagination Ent are one of the best Game providers in the world with licenses like – Fact or Crap, Battle of the Sexes, Beat the Bomb, my business partners Shane and Kev are genius at Games and the US cable Network Gsn plays everything from Deal or No Deal to Millionaire.

So We Thought “ Why Not make a radio channel for games “ So we Did.

Check out the demo’s and Imaging on the demo page for that Station, there’s also some of my old demo’s up there to from 1999 – kinda funny now.

Andy Grace, Shane Yeend and myself Launched “The Net2Nite” radio show in the US in 1999. This show was way before it’s time showcasing the latest internet Tech “ Webchoice”. This software basically pushed up on screen whatever Andy G was talking about – Fantastic show that we syndicated.

You can hear some of that Old Imaging in the “ISD Radio Demo 1999”

I love radio it’s been a big part of my life and it’s taught me loads of skills I use everyday now in Sound Design. I love the energy and headspace I get into with Radio Imaging.