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axeScore's And Compositions

I started playing music at age 8 when my uncle Eddy Brown a brilliant Drummer from Ireland gave me my first Guitar.

I was Hooked and have never been anywhere on the planet without a guitar.

I write everyday with my friends Clint, Karl, John and who ever else likes to join in.

I love it as its basically an extension of myself.

I wrote my first song and its conveyed the emotion of an 8 year old boy with big dreams in one " I hate Mum". Which of course i dont but at 8 when im being told to do home work and turn the guitar down .... come one what do you expect.

I look at Score's for Film and tv in the same way i look at my Sound Design ... its an extension of the directors reach, it enables you to capture and expand on a frame simply by adding emotional notes.

You can change a frame by making the music dark when the vision is light and visa versa, it is a perfect challenge to score and i love everything about it.

Even to writing a jingle creatively is all about how you convey the message from the company and the feeling they would like to pre tray in their brand.

Its the same in a frame - the writer pulls the script from the either, the actor is telling that story, the editor and director cut that story together and Sound Design / Score is that final step in creating that emotion.

Being a Sound Designer i love to make the Score and Sound Design feel like one and very organic.

Check out some of our music / score demo's on the demo page and tell me what you think !


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