Sound Design


I am first and foremost a SOUND DESIGNER.

Films, TV, Radio is where my heart is at and its all i think about, you may recall i mentioned in the "About Us" section that my lovely wife is always reminding me to come back to earth because i hear sound everywhere - i listen to nature to work out how it does it and how i can replicate it.

I walk through NYC, most people are going "Wow look at that building" and am too, but im more thinking about how i can RECORD that building and add that sound to my collection.

Ive been a film lover all my life and to have the pleasure to work with Film makers today brings me great joy - trusting me to add my piece of "emotion" - "Soul" to their Vision is wild.

I love to see a blank Mov file come through or even with just the dialogue and a little note from the director on how they see it, then i go off into my little world and create, change, add, subtract, process until i have the right Sound Design for that Frame.

Some of the best Sound Design is when you dont even know its not real from the set, "Thats Art" but i also love blowing stuff up and driving around my city in a car with Mic's strapped all over it ....... im a kid at heart.

So when i get booked on a Sound Design job im there with you 24/7 thinking about how i can bring the voice to this frame and give the film maker that piece of emotion to capture the audience.

We have state of the art tools here just like everyone else - but what everyone else doesnt have "Is Me" and my love for Sound Design.

Check out some Demo's on the beautifully titled " Demo's Page"