Our Studios are pretty freakin cool!

We could go on and on about “We have this piece of gear and we have that desk and the latest software” … and the truth is, we do have all of that, and you can check out a list & some photo’s below…. but it’s about how you use the gear that counts! As the saying goes, you don’t want to have “All the Gear and No Idea!”

We have 2 production Mix studio’s In Melbourne with 7.1 Dolby in them. We have a nice room Set up in LA as well!

We use Protools HD and everything Digi design, Logic Avalon, Millennia, Liquid Pre’s, Isa 430 pre’s, digi Pre’s, Blue Mic’s, Akg Mic’s, Neuman Mic’s, Rode Mics, Beyer Mics, Sennheiser Mic’s,  C24 Desk, Pro control, Adam Monitoring, Yamaha Monitoring , Apple Throughout, loaded with EVERY PLUG IN KNOWN TO MAN, Reel to Reels, Source Connect Dats, Mini Disk and… everything else you could think of!