To Be Or Not To be - Sound Design For Feature Films

Hey Kids,

Just a quick blurb about the attitude about changing things for the sake of it in films and Media projects. I guess in this world of gear,software and forever improving cpu’s there’s a growing trend of …(sounds fine but…let’s copy track and a/b it later).
While this is for sure a greater choice for your final result, is it dulling the initial vibe?
There's a lot than can be said about the energy of the initial idea, the vibe and feeling from that original session of creation - how many times have you thought " great vocal take but i think i can do it again" and then not being able to capture that same vibe or emotion in the take. Its the same when doing sound design and scores ... nothing different at all . Most of the time i find that your original feeling was %100 correct and if you let yourself go and be in the moment then it would sound fantastic.


How To Break Into Sound Design

I think one of the most frustrating things for any would be Sound Designer or Score Composer is getting the break that will change their lives. I am here to tell you that the break will come and the chance is real !