How To Break Into Sound Design

I think one of the most frustrating things for any would be Sound Designer or Score Composer is getting the break that will change their lives. I am here to tell you that the break will come and the chance is real !

Im very lucky to a load of my peer and friends, im a fantastic sound designer with a super successful facility and i get to travel the world doing what i love doing - sound design. But what people don't know or don't realize is that i have been doing this for way over 20 years in fact since i was 14 years old and i have battled and fought and done so so so very much Free work over the years just so "someone" that one person will notice my work and go " yep Your my guy - lets take over the world".

For me the art and the passion of film is where its at, i love cinema and i love sound.... i was born to be in a studio and to create sounds. I had a very great line of teachers over the years like peter mcphie who trained me in the art of imagery for radio when i was very very young he would lock me in his studio at radio TTTfm and come back next morning to find me building a commercial or a promo for air - teaching myself the 24 track mixing desk and what Eq does. To Andrew "Bag" Sidwell whom a loved and respected ( may he have been very harsh on my life) was an amazing creative who would never settle for second best - from that "Neither Do i" .

To film makers i currently work with today - everyone has brilliant ideas and its an art form to interprit them and build a space - reality.

I speak to many young guys saying " I wanna be doing this - how do it do it" ... well im still working it out and i will never stop experimenting and crafting my sound and my business skills, but i will say one thing - do as much for as many people as you can - even for free ......!!!!!
It takes time deacdes even to build up a knogelde and a name to be a craftsman - i will be one day and i will try until the day im deaf and in the ground.

I even to this day take my favorutie scenes from my favourite films, take off the sound, import them into my protools rig and "Re Do" the sound how i would have done it .... yeah it will never get seen ( except on youtube or vimeo) but it gives you practical sound design expearience and keeps your creative skills on edge.
Everytime i meet someone now days i look at their body of work and think - can i blow thier mind - to me the answer is always " Yes". I dont meen that in an arrogant way like im the greatest .... not at all or by a long shot - but i have the passion and the heart to do something unique, beautifull that only " I" could do - cause i love it.

To sum up - to break into Sound Design ..... call people, do free work, show them your cuts, download your Fav scenes and Score them - sound design them .... get them out there and keep up your chops ........ WORK FOR FREE UNTIL PEOPLE CANT DO IT WITHOUT YOU OR YOUR AMAZING SKILLS .....

Have heart, passion and create magic - never settle for second best and believe.

Craig Jansson